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Halloween Haunted House

An opportunity to get spookily creative with your decorations & costumes!

Decorating for Halloween

The time of year where we paint our faces, wear scary outfits and carve pumpkins is quickly approaching and it’s a perfect opportunity to get spookily creative with your decorations and costumes without the scary prices! Whether you’re impressing trick or treaters or scaring your neighbours, friends and family, we’ve got tips and trick to help you celebrate this Halloween in terrifying fashion!

Halloween Haunted House

Haunted House

Your house is the centrepiece for Halloween as it’s what most visitors will see. It may seem like a big task decorating the entire front of your home but there are many creative solutions to make your house look spooky without the need to splash out on big items or installations.

With evening starting earlier in October it’s important that your decorations get seen! Lighting not only supply illumination for your decorations but it can also add an eerie atmosphere and mood that enhance your decorations. Traditionally, candlelight are great inside pumpkins and dotted around to mimic a haunted house, but they pose a risk around children and can easily be extinguished if caught in the wind. A great alternative is LED fairy lights and tealights. Some tealights also have a flickering effect to make it look like a candle. LED fairy lights can cover a large amount of space and most can be used outdoors too. Wrap lights around pumpkins, props or hang over-head. Make sure to get orange coloured ones to really match the Halloween spirit!


Halloween Inflatable Tree

Props such as scarecrows or zombies to greet your guests will really make you standout but due to their large size, can be difficult to build and store when not in use. The answer is inflatables! HOMCOM has great inflatables some of which tower at 2.1m and come equipped with LED lights inside to add to the atmos. When not in use, they can be deflated and stored away until the following year! The lightweight means it can be hung from walls or strapped to the ground and the waterproof grade material means you don’t have to worry about it in the elements.

Cobwebs, stickers, cut-outs of bats or spiders are readily available or easily made that can complement your props and to the theme of your haunted house. If you have some speakers handy, YouTube is full of 10 hour audio clips from horror movie sounds to a sounds of a stormy night which adds an extra sensory element which many people don’t do. By using these simple techniques, your trick or treaters will be in for a fully immersive Halloween experience!

Don’t just stop at decorating your home, it’s just as fun to dress up yourself and the family – including your pets!

Any leftover cobwebs can be used as an enhancement to your costume whether you’re going as fancy dress or Halloween. Face paint is a fun addition for children to really get into the spirit of things and look great in photos.

If you’ve a pet dog or cat, there are plenty of outfits for them too! A quick search online reveals many more costume opportunities for our four-legged friend. My favourite one is this zombie dog – terrifyingly adorable – the brain hat is a subtle yet brilliant touch.

Dog with Zombie CostumeCat with Bat Wings

Trick or Treaters will have bags full of sweets and candy so why not give them something different? A just as sweet treat is candy floss! Reminiscent of the beach and fair grounds, this mini candy floss maker lets you make it in the comfort of your own home or garden. Be sure not to get the candy floss fixed up with your cobwebs though!

Red Candy Floss Maker

Have a party!


It’s becoming more and more popular to have outdoor parties during the Halloween and Guy Fawkes night weekends. If you’re planning on having one, be sure to invest in a firepit. They protect the ground and contain your fire to one spot making it safer and easier to clean. A mesh cover will stop embers from blowing out the fire in the wind and catching on something.

If you live in a flat and a firepit is not suitable for your property, be sure to get some outdoor heating to keep warm. Either gas patio heaters or electric halogen heaters will keep you toasty when you’re outside and are very safe if you follow proper instructions.

Toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories around the fire will be a perfect ending to a spooktacular evening.

However you celebrate, be sure to be safe and have fun! From all of us here at Aosom, Happy Halloween!

Oct,5,2018 By Jessica

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