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Festival Guide

Festival and camping essentials

British festival season is fast approaching. And before you start planning your schedule of who to see, what to wear and how to get there, it’s time to prepare the most important part - your equipment. So whether you’re going to be bracing the large and vast fields of Glastonbury, escaping to the outer-worlds of Boomtown or hopping on the ferry to the Isle Of Wight Festival, have a look of our top products to help you make the memories even better.


First stop, and probably the most important - a tent. As your home, changing room and place to take that short breather if needed for the days and nights ahead, it’s important to have somewhere that’s going to shelter you well. This dark green tent is ideal, regardless if you’re a beginner or expert. Pop-up for swift set-up, it can hold up to three people (but bear in mind, you need room for your belongings, so it is ideal to house yourself comfortably) and has all accessories included to keep it on the ground. Portable weights, such as this set of four from Outsunny are ideal additions to your equipment check-list, helping to give you peace of mind should the weather turn windy. 

With your shelter decided, it’s now time to turn your attention to your sleeping arrangements. It’s a given that camping is nowhere near as enjoyable as your home surroundings, but that shouldn’t stop you making yourself as comfortable as can be. For the ground, opt for a yoga mat. This non-slip piece will ensure you don’t have to come in contact with any uneven ground, thanks to its reinforced padded surface for optimal comfort. Lightweight and portable, it can be rolled up easily, making it a hassle free addition to and from the festival. To keep you warm during the colder night temperatures, don’t forget a sleeping bag! From Outsunny, this cosy lined blue sleeper is easy to get to get in and out, thanks to its full length zipper and with two removable pillows, you’ll have less bulk to carry.

If you’re travelling with your own transport, then there’s nothing better to take than a chair. Should it rain, then you’ve got the best seat whilst relaxing with your friends, avoiding cramming yourself into a hot tent that feels like a sauna. For a singular option, this Moon Chair is perfect, thanks to its easy-carry design, strong metal frame and padded round seat. A comfortable option that you might not want to get out of…

To cater for a group, this quirky six-seater bench is the answer to your problems. It’s perfect for you and your friends, taking the bulk away from six individual chairs. But don’t worry if your group falls short of six - it’s a great excuse for inviting people to join, making some new festival friends in the process…

With festivals increasingly focusing on the environment and many now ditching single-use plastics, it only seems fitting, that you too should opt for reusable plastics too. This plastic dinnerware set has all you need to see you through - plates, cutlery and cups, all made from hard wearing plastic to ensure you can use them time and again. Looking after the planet whilst having fun simultaneously - not a bad mix.


And to carry everything you need? This bag from Outsunny will not only hold a large amount of items with its 20L capacity, it will also protect your stuff from mud and water (the classic recipe of a British festival), with a handle and durable shoulder strap that makes carrying it a breeze.


Not into festivals but still love to camp? We’ve also rounded up our top products to make your trips run as smoothly as possible...

Cooking outside might have its restrictions, but it doesn’t mean what you do cook can’t be delicious. With help from this
portable BBQ from Outsunny, home cooked food will soon be a distant memory you won’t mind forgetting about. Made from steel, it folds out to reveal two generously sized cooking pans with stainless steel grills for durability and its wooden handle adds a safe and convenient finishing touch.

For trips that require a little bit more with as little space as possible, this
innovative cooler box, chair and table unit will help to save as much room as possible. Its 3-in-1 design combines a large 28 litre cooler box, with a fold out table and chair on each side, finished with wheels for easy movement. It’s perfect for those ‘of the spur’ moments with your friends where you have no idea where the road is going to take you.




Whether it’s your first time camping at a festival or you’re a veteran of such experiences, we've compiled our top tips to see you through the days with ease.


  • Choose your pitching space carefully. Don’t go at the bottom of any hills (in case it rains very heavily) and find ground that is firm - neither too dry or wet. Your ground stakes need to stay in place. Pitch your ground stakes in diagonally, and find a rock nearby to get it right down to the ground.

  • Introduce yourself to your camping neighbours. This is a great way to make friends, but is great to have familiar faces around to keep an eye on your tent and belongings when you go out and enjoy the day away from the camping site.

  • When camping, bring something that stands out and attach to your tent, or find something (a landmark, a flag etc.) that looks memorable. Finding a tent in the dark in a sea of everyone else’s is not an easy feat.

  • Pack for the heat, as well as the cold. Night times outside are not as warm as you may think…

  • …and of course, for the wet and hot.

  • Bring a small pouch bag / bum bag with you to take during the day. Always keep your most valuable items with you, keeping them close to you in your bag.

  • If you don’t want to spend money on festival site food everyday, dry food such as noodles are great to take. Simply go to a caterer with hot water and a meal will be ready within minutes.

  • Bring a portable power bank with you. Most festivals have charging facilities on site, but they can cost and you never know when your phone might run out of battery.

  • Accessories that will help you are: duct tape, toilet roll, bin bags, ear plugs, baby wipes, hand gel and a torch.

  • Check the festival rules before even bothering to pack. Some sites are extremely strict with what they do and don’t let in.

  • And last,but not least, don’t forget the wellies!


What festivals / camping trips do you have planned this Summer? What are your must-have items to take? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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