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10 ways to make your dog happier

10 ways To Make Your Dog Happier

We always want to make our best friends as happy and healthy as possible, but sometimes we think that we have done everything possible. There are always new ways to make them happier and this is why we have created a list for you to check and let us know how many of them have you accomplish.

#1 – Change their Toys

Dog Toys need change


Just like us, dogs can get bored with old toys and will enjoy new things. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to constantly buy new toys for them. Just make sure that they have at least 2-3 toys and put them on rotation when they seem to get bored of what they have, them bring out an old toy your dog forgot about. It works!




#2 –Walk with them

walk with your dog


Walks isn’t just good for exerci

se, it’s great

 for your dog’s mind. Dogs need to get out, imagine if you were stuck in the house all day, you will go crazy for sure. You can take your dog out sometimes, but most people don’t take their dogs out enough. Daily walks are an important part of your dog’s life; they get to experience new things and get excited when meet new people, they’ll burn some energy.


your dog challenge you



#3 – Teach them Obedience

This will make life better for both you and your dog. You have amny options, you can teach it yourself from YouTube tutorials, hire a private trainer or go to group classes. No matter what you choose, your dog will enjoy learning the rules and boundaries that make them a good house dog.




well ,teach them listen to music for example,why not

#4 – Teach New Tricks

Dogs certainly have plenty of room to learn new things. Teaching your dog, a new trick is a great way for you to spend time together, plus you’ll be providing your dog with a lot of mental stimulation and yummy treats. Also it is true that old dogs can learn new tricks! so don’t be afraid to try something new!


#5 – Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many pet owners believe their dog is way too skinny – but the truth is that they might be in excellent shape!

If is about them, your dog will likely try and eat his entire bag of kibble before he thinks he’s full. The reality is that a healthy weight will keep your dog happier because he’s going to be healthier and feel better. Excess weight is uncomfortable, increases body temperature, limits their day to day playtime and puts them at increased risk for a multitude of medical conditions.


#6 – Play as Much as you Can

Even just 10 minutes a day of playtime with your dog will build your relationship and allow you both to have fun. Dogs get bored and they want to play, even if they’re older, so don’t hesitate to try and enjoy some new toys!


#7 – Be Consistent

Just like kids, dogs need consistent rules and boundaries for them to understand what behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t. Dogs that are constantly being scolded for things they didn’t understand were wrong are always unhappy dogs. It’s a bad situation no matter how you look at it.

 play as much as you can

#8 – They need a Bathdogs need a bath

Regular baths will keep them feeling fresh and clean. Not only will you also be more apt to pet your dog because they smell better and feel cleaner, you’ll be getting rid of any allergens that might be on your dog’s coat.


#9 – Verbal & Physical Love

This means telling your dog how good they are and petting them. They don’t even have to be doing anything particularly well and it doesn’t have to be in training. Spending time petting and praising your dog even for a couple of minutes will make them feel comfortable, secure and loved.


#10 – Try New Treats

Just like rotating toys is a good idea, rotating treats is too! Most dogs have a few different favourites that can be used on rotation and trying new treats to add to the mix is great too. Your dog will certainly love guessing which snack is coming next!aosom uk 10 ways to make your dogs happy

Aug,18,2016 By mh uk

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