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5 Products That Your Pet Will Love

We are all positively obsessed with our pets. Being their best friend, we always want the best for them but sometimes struggle with how to reward them outside of the usual treats. This is why we’ve compiled this list of top 5 products from PawHut that you and your pet will love.



Heated Mat

Heated Mat

If you’ve ever owned a cat you’ll know that they love to snuggle on your laptop or computer whilst you’re trying to get some important work completed! This is because they love the warmth generated from your laptop. As the cold weather approaches, your pets will be looking for somewhere to keep warm and this heated mat is perfect.

The electric heated mat cover will also be suitable for older pets who have joint issues or arthritis to young puppies and kittens who are unable to regulate their own body temperature.

It comes with a zip-up machine washable shear plush and fits under your existing bed or blanket. I’ve put mine under some blankets on my desk so my kitty, Bubbles, has a spot next to me while I’m working!

Comes in two sizes. 


 PawHut Cat Tree

Cat Tree

Cats rely on vertical areas for safety, comfort and fun. Providing cats with tall vertical spaces is an essential part of feline life! This is why you might find your cat on top of your kitchen cupboards late at night. 

One of the best ways to safely provide your cat with more vertical territory is with this play tower which comes with three levels equipped with scratching posts, basket and centre condo. At 96cm tall, it is floor space efficient and fulfils your cat’s instinct to climb in the comfort and safety of your home. The enclosed condo makes your feline friend feel safe and secure as well as providing a warm and cosy place to sleep.r cat up on top of your kitchen cupboards late at night.

Place it near your cat’s favourite spot in the house, or near a window so it can enjoy watching the outside wildlife.

Choose one that suits your cat’s size

 PawHut Indoor Pet Toilet Training Mat

Training Mat

Toilet training puppies or kittens, especially in flats/apartment complex or during the winter can be very difficult but this Toilet Training Mat will ease the training for you and your pet.

It is lightweight and the durable material means it can be left outside on a porch, patio or balcony. The three-layer system makes it easier to clean and the artificial grass familiarises your pet when it comes to the outdoor world. However, this isn’t just for newborns, it is suitable for fully grown pets and can be convenient when you’re unable to go outside due to the weather or if you’re not home to take your pets out.

Browse a size to suit your pet. 


 Pet Carrier and Pet Cage

Pet carrier’s usually mean a visit to the vet. This can be a scary time for your beloved pet so it’s important to ensure that they’re as comfortable and relaxed as they can be.

Not only are plastic carriers space consuming when they’re not in use, the hard plastic/metal accompanied by the limited visibility means they get nervous and scared before the journey even begins.

With PawHut's Fabric Pet Carrier – pets lay on a padded fleece cotton bed keeping them comfortable. The mesh walls on all sides give your cat or dog 360-degree visibility making them feel safer as well as providing adequate ventilation.

The sturdy design gives you most convenience with the ability to fold flat when not in use, washable fleece pad and waterproof floor for easy cleanup. 

For larger or older animals, try our pet stroller so they can still enjoy the outdoors without having to walk. 


Raised Feeder Stand

Double Raised Feeder with 2 stainless steel bowls This product is for the larger or older pets – a double bowl raised feeder. Large dogs often have to arch their necks down to reach the bowl when feeding or drinking which can strain their neck and lead to digestive problems. Not only does the raised feeder reduce this risk, it also means dogs eat slower decreasing risk of bloat. The 4 anti-slip footpads secure the stand so your dog isn’t always ‘chasing’ it’s bowl thus making less mess compared to when eating on the floor.

With a height range of 4cm to 42cm, you can adjust it to suit your dog's size and is especially useful for pets with arthritis or joint issues.

The black stand comes equipped with 2 stainless steel bowls making it stylish in any home without taking any additional floor space.

Double Raised Feeder Stand


There you go! 5 products that benefit you as well as your pet. Which product do you or your pet need? 

Aug,24,2018 By MH IE

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