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What does it take to think like an Olympian?



Olympic athletes have astonishing athletic ability combined with mastery of a physical talent and skill. But what does it take to win? The reality is that their optimal performance has so much to do with their mental. This is why we decided it to write this week about the secrets of Olympic medallists and how we can apply this to our daily life:

Knowing How and When to Go Further. Great athletes know when to push beyond their mental and physical limits and when to stop. It’s about the pause between thought and action to evaluate what is needed in the moment with flexible thinking and self-knowledge. To accomplish this is important to Know our own strength and is important to be aware of our weak areas that require extra work.

Constant Optimism. It’s not about ignoring the realities of life and situation, but seeing them as temporary footraces rather than permanent barriers. Great athletes don’t quit when they fall down or face disappointment, this is part of life and we need to start thinking in the same way.

Motivational Self-Talk. This helps athletes to improve their strength and endurance-based tasks: The mind guides action! And we can do the same, so now you know, is all in our mind.

Having Goals. Successful athletes set goals. Of course, the goal of an Olympian is to win gold but there are daily objectives to be closer to this. If we apply this in our daily life, we will get closer and closer to our personal objectives.

Balance Perfectionism. Healthy perfectionism gives an athlete’s high standards with flexibility. Is no about being haunted by past mistakes, but to learn from them. We can apply some of this on the way of achieving our goals but always having a balance.

Concentration. Visualization of the training is comparable to physical training. Olympians actually feel what it would be like to compete and take home the gold. The more intense the concentration is on their goal, the more the Olympian is able to turn it into a reality. So now you know, Focus and concentration on your goals!

Having a Routine. Routine is a vital aspect for success. Routines create balance, focus, self-discipline and strength. These are essential ingredients for a successful athlete and in life.


The Olympic Games are the perfect time to take a moment and admire the potential and capacity of the human body and mind. Now imagine what you could accomplish if you thought like an Olympian every day!

Aug,11,2016 By mh uk

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