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We are here together experiencing this special time together.
We as Aosom.ie are here to fulfill your needs regarding everything you need to build your dream home office and home gym by providing high-quality while cost-efficient products.
Also, now it is a golden period to spend time with your family. Thus, we are here to proudly introduce our pet supplies and kids’ toys to you so you can find your kid(s) and fluffy friend(s) some awesome gifts from Aosom.ie!
With our fast-free shipping policy, your order(s) will arrive at your home in no time! Take a seat and have a cup of coffee, all you need to do is move your figures and find the items you want, and we will take care of the rest.
Aosom is here and we are looking forward to hearing from you!
Tell Your Pets That You Love Them Having pets as company is such a blessing, especially during this special time, we and our furry friends need each other even more!

Visit our pet supplies collections, no matter you are a dog or cat person or a small animal (birds, chicken, hamster, and rabbit) lover.

For our dog lover, we want to introduce you to our Pawhut dog furniture, we have items such as dog beds, dog training equipment, pet playpen folding tent, dog cages for indoor use. All coming in different styles, sizes, and colours, you can choose the one that fits your need based on your home decorations and your dog size. For dog lovers who want to travel with their dog(s). take a look at our dog bike trailers and dog carrying bags. They will be a great option for both you and your dog to explore this world together!

For our cat lovers, our Pawhut cat trees are something you should not miss. All of our cat trees are built with premium materials that will be long last for your cat(s). With each different cat trees, they come in different sizes, colours, and functions. For instance, many of our cat trees come with scratching posts, it is perfect for growing cats and cats with extra energy to practice their hunting skills while saving your furniture from their paws. With different design languages, you will find the Pawhut cat trees that fit your charter and space in no time!

For our small animal lovers, there are about one hundred pet supplies that are ready to be picked up by you. Many of our popular small animal collections are selling very fast. Items like chicken coops, rabbit hutches, birdcages, and hamster house/cage are selling very fast. So be an early bird and visit Aosom.ie right now before they are all gone!