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Coastal design Nature-inspired design Simplistic design

Ocean breeze

Usually featuring soft blues, greens, whites and sandy neutrals, you’ll often find weathered wood, ratteen and sisal in coastal homes, creating a sense of relaxed elegance
Fabric Sofa in calming blue
Fabric Sofa in calming blue Reflects the calming and soothing essence found at a beach or when glazing into the sky. Creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere within the home, it promotes a sense of relaxation and escapism
Wooden coffee table in color contrasting
Wooden coffee table in color contrasting Soft blue has a timeless and versatile quality that complements a wide range of other colors and materials commonly used in coastal decor, such as sandy neutrals, crisp whites, and natural textures like rattan and wood. This kind of combination helps to brighten and open up spaces, making rooms feel larger and airier.
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Creating a nature-inspired home

Emulating the beauties of the natural world around us, this design typically incorporates wood, stone, rattan and linen, providing a minimalist and organic feel
Dark Wooden TV Table
Dark Wooden TV Table Imagine bringing a slice of nature right into your living room – a dark wooden TV table does exactly that. Its rich tones create a calm and inviting atmosphere, blending luxury with the beauty of the natural world. Perfect for adding timeless elegance and style, this piece transforms any space into a fashionable abode
Linen Sofa
Linen Sofa Linen sofas offer simple elegance, cosy warmth and charm, perfect for creating a homey atmosphere. Its soft, textured surface bring a casual yet sophisticated touch to your space, elevating your room’s style to new heights
Rattan Side Table
Rattan Side Table Discover the beautiful earthy textures of this rattan side table, offering effortless grace, relaxed sophistication and a rustic charm. Unique handcrafted artistry, it adds a genuine warmth to your indoor sanctuary
Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants Nature in all of its beauty, right in your home. Our stunning collection of lifelike plants revitalise your space, adding lush greenery and vibrant blooms. It’s a touch of natural charm without the hassle of maintenance
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Simplicity is the way forward

Simplify your living spaces with stylish, minimalist home décor. Embrace a design that celebrates peacefulness, serenity and charm, giving your home a sense of neatness, comfort and order
Hammock Something as simple as a hammock can transform your home, making it into the ultimate serene paradise. Perfect for a cosy corner, its minimalist design effortlessly complements any décor. Just imagine gently swaying with a book or unwinding after a long day. Easy to hang and even easier to enjoy, this hammock brings simplicity and comfort right into your home
Tripod lamp Combining functionality and style, a wooden tripod table lamp brightens your home and creates a warm atmosphere. Easy to set up and use, it’s the ideal addition to any room. A simple and modest design, it blends with any décor, whilst its compact shape takes up little space. Stylish, modern and clean, adding something special to your home
Folding dining table A folding dining table is simplicity in a nutshell. Its flexibility allows you to use the space for various activities, such as dining, creative work or social gatherings. When not in use, simply fold it up to have more space in your living area
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